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Press Release...
Art from the Attic fundraising event held 11.11.11 (Veterans Day)
to benefit the James & Jean Mason Scholarship for the Arts
raised over $2000 for an Elwood School District (Elwood, NY) graduating senior who is interested in pursuing a higher education in the Arts.

Paintings by Jean Mason (1933-1987)
Photographs by James Mason (1927-2011)

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Jean's Paintings
Jim's Photographs

A message from their daughters ...
ART FROM THE ATTIC was inspired by the discovery of an attic filled with hidden treasures ... photographs, paintings and memories of days passed as seen through the eyes of our parents James and Jean Mason.
They recent passing of our father has moved us, his four daughters, to pay tribute to our parents, their lives and their art. By establishing and endowing the James T. and Jean E. Mason Scholarship for the Arts, we are honoring the tradition they began of giving back to their community.
All proceeds from the gallery showing on 11.11.11 went toward the scholarship and any additional donations are greatly appreciated.
We feel privileged to be supportive of the district in which we were raised and thank the community for its generous support.

The family of James & Jean Mason
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