Arts Bridging Cultures

Art is a powerful medium to express our values, our aspirations, our thoughts about the lives we live and the world in which we live. We live in a global society of diverse cultures and customs. When we share the art of our own culture with that of another, it builds pride in our own heritage and breaks down cultural barriers. Art can be a reflection of our culture or it can partially define it as: commonly held beliefs, social norms and expressions of creativity within a group of people. For that reason, ArtsBridge supports a space for sharing, linking and connecting artists and artwork representing multiple regional cultures and customs globally.

Following a long held dream to serve in a radical way, dancer and dance teacher Renée Kurz committed 18 months of service in Chennai, India with Heart’s Home, an international Catholic service organization dedicated to promoting a culture of compassion.

Click the photo below to read her story and add one of your own.

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