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My idea for “ArtsBridge” was conceptualized over some years, beginning with a vague sense that the arts community would be better served with more communication and connection between artists and across art disciplines, and an inkling that the power of the internet has merely touched the surface of its potential for global communication and understanding. My motivation for “ArtsBridge” has come from many different sources … from glimpses of beautiful collaborative work I had witnessed when artists of different art forms were given an opportunity to interact … from problems I had seen inherent in arts organizations in getting their messages out and accessible to others … from stumbling blocks I myself had come across in trying to find inspiration and resources for my own work … from the sense that there are many talented artists who need an outlet for expression, and others who do not even know that what they are already creating is art … from the concept that the arts are an essential element of every culture and community, and are most meaningful when shared with others … from the knowledge that I have repeatedly seen how art has the power to enact change, shape values and foster mutual understanding when individuals work collectively to develop a concept into an inspiring and viable art project.

-- Julie Mason
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